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What do brands and boy bands have in common?

Both have the potential to build a loyal following of superfans who will spread the love.

Whether you’re a small business owner, big corporation, or someone trying to take your passion to the next level, I’ll teach you how to convert cold leads into passionate brand ambassadors who will grow your business and remain loyal for life

The best part? I package my guidance in fun pop culture references, so you’ll never get bored learning about marketing!

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Every post breaks down a helpful marketing takeaway derived from our favorite things in popular culture.  

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8 Personal Branding Moves to Survive an Unpredictable Job Market

8 Personal Branding Moves to Survive an Unpredictable Job Market

I saw on the news that 6.6 MILLION people have applied for unemployment amid the coronavirus pandemic. This makes my heart hurt. Aside from social distancing, I wanted to help any way I knew how. So I've put together eight essential personal branding moves you should...

Blast From the Past: At-Home Fitness Marketing

Blast From the Past: At-Home Fitness Marketing

While the coronavirus outbreak has forced us to put our gym memberships on hold, people are transforming their living rooms into gyms. It’s one of the few ways we can get a sweat session in while social distancing. But I can’t help but chuckle over the fact that...

Jessica Simpson’s Brilliant Tips to Build Your Online Presence

Jessica Simpson’s Brilliant Tips to Build Your Online Presence

When you hear the name Jessica Simpson, many people think of her ditzy moments on the MTV reality show, Newlyweds. But if you ask me, who cares if it was chicken or fish? Jessica Simpson is not the dumb blonde that society paints her to be. Her true fans know that she...


I bet you didn’t know you could learn about marketing just by hearing about the latest in music, movies, celebrity gossip, and more. Each week on the Making the Brand podcast, I break down a big marketing lesson derived from our favorite moments in pop culture.

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I’m a fangirl at heart, but my childhood fascination with magazines, music, and media is what inspired my career in marketing and brand development.


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